May 24

Starwind – Free ISCSI SAN

Starwind have recently released a free version of is ISCSI SAN product set, with no capacity limits!

It includes the following features:

  • Data Deduplication: Data Deduplication is a specialized mechanism of data-compression that allows reducing needed storage capacity due to the process of eliminating duplicated data
  • Snapshots & Clones: Capture point-in-time snapshots with unlimited rollback points or make full volume copies
  • CDP (Continuous Data Protection): CDP provides a replication mechanism to ensure an RPO (Recovery Point Objective) of zero data loss for applications that require a lower RPO than asynchronous replication can provide
  • Thin Provisioning: Allocate space dynamically for highly efficient disk utilization.
  • Support for iSCSI Standards: IPSec, CHAP, MPIO are all fully supported in StarWind Free.

Starwind has many more features compared to that of the Microsoft iSCSI offering. It is, for example ideal for home labs. Just provide a computer with a bunch of cheap drives and this can be transformed into a shared storage device, with some nice almost enterprise level features.  This lets you test Live Migrations, vMotion, backup solutions etc.

For more details: http://www.starwindsoftware.com/starwind-free