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Aug 27

HP StoreServ for the HP EVA administrator

Are you an HP EVA Administrator looking at moving to StoreServ?  Have you been moved over to support the StoreServ as ‘its just storage’?  Check out this white paper which compares the StoreServ to the P6000 including features, architecture and what features the StoreServ has over the P6000. It can be found here

Jul 09

3par hardware to be replaced

HP may be thinking of replacing the hardware that comes with its 3par storage offering.  The software is the best component of the storage array, baring its brilliant ASIC, but HP are trying to sort out the imbalance between the software and the hardware.

Jun 13

VirtualSystems in a box

HP has released 3 new models in its VirtualSystem Portfolio, the VS1, VS2 and VS3 each capable of supporting a number of virtual machines out of the box, and all based on the HP Converged Infrastructure solutions.  These are basically Converged Infrastructure, virtualisation platforms in a box (or a rack in this case!) This solution …

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Feb 10

HP 3par… and?

So, your favourite(!) storage vendor has just shelled out 2.1 billion dollars on a product line that sits alongside their bestselling Mid-Enterprise Storage Arrays (EVA) but also pokes its finger at the Mission Critical arrays (XP).  Just what are customers going to gain from 3par? 3par offers: FC & iSCSI connectivity with built in dedicated site …

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