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Left Hand Network (just don't call it that!)

Aug 23

HP StoreVirtual and VMware SRM Best Practices

Implementing HP StoreVirtual storage in a VMware environment, looking to integrate Site Recovery Manager into it?  Check out HP’s Best Practice Guide available here: Best Practice Guide

Mar 20

SSD in HP P4000 solution

You like HP P4000 based storage, you want SSD though?  You could have done it with the VSA previously, and actually, still can, but now the P4900 has turned up.

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Sep 27

SAN/IQ 9.5 Updates

Here are some new features being introduced in SAN/IQ 9.5 for the HP P4000 range: CMC SAN Status Homepage is implemented which shows a summary of multiple management groups, rather than at the moment having to login to each group manually.  Good for use on a NOC when monitoring & managing multiple groups. VSA Scripted …

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Jun 13

VirtualSystems in a box

HP has released 3 new models in its VirtualSystem Portfolio, the VS1, VS2 and VS3 each capable of supporting a number of virtual machines out of the box, and all based on the HP Converged Infrastructure solutions.  These are basically Converged Infrastructure, virtualisation platforms in a box (or a rack in this case!) This solution …

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Apr 18

To FOM or not to FOM, that is the question!

You have a mutli node P4000 environment, do you need a Fail Over Manager (FOM) or not? But first, what the hell is a FOM? The FOM is a specialized version of the SAN/iQ software. It runs as a virtual appliance in VMware that can be run on ESX, ESXi VMware Workstation or VMware player.  …

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