Sep 27

SAN/IQ 9.5 Updates

Here are some new features being introduced in SAN/IQ 9.5 for the HP P4000 range:


SAN Status Homepage is implemented which shows a summary of multiple management groups, rather than at the moment having to login to each group manually.  Good for use on a NOC when monitoring & managing multiple groups.


Scripted installations for ease of implementation of VSA’s, need to deploy your VSA’s that you got with your multi-site san, just use scripted configuration to allow consistent installations to multiple sites.

VMware Application Managed Snapshots

Triggering a snapshot in the P4000 will cause your vCenter server to hardware snap those VM’s in the data store in a queisced state.  Schedule those snapshots in the P4000 and you’ll be taking the same scheduled snapshots within VMware.  Attach the P4000 snapshot to an ESX server and you will see the VM’s in there, all in a nice consistent state.

Remote Copy

Performance increases, speed of volume scans reduced to seconds which allows a more aggressive schedule of snapshots & copies to secondary/remote sites.

Peer Motion

HP’s Peer Motion support is being introduced across multiple products in the HP line, and it’s the VSA’s turn now.  This allows you the ability to migrate data online between different tiers of storage without disruption to service. 

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