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Aug 27

HP StoreServ for the HP EVA administrator

Are you an HP EVA Administrator looking at moving to StoreServ? ┬áHave you been moved over to support the StoreServ as ‘its just storage’? ┬áCheck out this white paper which compares the StoreServ to the P6000 including features, architecture and what features the StoreServ has over the P6000. It can be found here

Jun 08

The new HP EVA P6000 – its here!

It’s here! The new P6000 range, you’ve heard all the techno babble, all the chinese whispers about the features and functions, now see what the P6000 packs: Fifth generation of the HP virtual array system Built in thin provisioning – 30 to 50% more capacity utilization One-step process to move data across storage tiers Utilizes …

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