Mar 20

SSD in HP P4000 solution

You like HP P4000 based storage, you want SSD though?  You could have done it with the VSA previously, and actually, still can, but now the P4900 has turned up.  It’s an SSD based P4000 solution, utilizing enterprise flash drives with very long life spans, available in 2 configurations:

  1. 2-node bundle: P4900 6.4TB SSD Storage System (16x400GB)
  2. 1-node expansion: P4900 3.2TB SSD Storage System (8x400GB)

Everyone knows that SSD have fantastic power & cooling characteristics which are pretty useful for today’s ‘Green’ Data Centre, but with most SSD’s you have to be careful of wear and the lifespan of the drive itself.  HP has addressed this issue by introducing what they call HP SMARTSSD Wear Gauge, which is firmware based and continually monitors the health off the SSD.

The P4900 is based on the standard SAN/iQ 9.5, which was released a while ago and is a worthwhile upgrade in itself if you are still running 9.0.  The Wear Guage is built into the Management Console, so everything is still under a single pane management solution.    Need to know how much life is left on an SSD drive in your P4900?  Just look in the management consolse and its shown in there.  Obviously HP have included alerts within the CMC at different points in the drives life so you don’t have to worry about data loss due to drives wearing out.

The P4900 can be deployed into an existing management group as a separate cluster so you can tier your storage even further in your infrastructure, and being HP, supports the new Peer Motion capabilities.

For more information see the HP product page here 

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