Feb 10

HP 3par… and?

So, your favourite(!) storage vendor has just shelled out 2.1 billion dollars on a product line that sits alongside their bestselling Mid-Enterprise Storage Arrays (EVA) but also pokes its finger at the Mission Critical arrays (XP).  Just what are customers going to gain from 3par?

3par offers:

  1. FC & iSCSI connectivity with built in dedicated site to site replication ports
  2. Storage Vitalization
  3. Thin Provisioning built in (its the first platform to offer this technology built into it)
  4. Thin conversion on the fly (and in the background)
  5. Has the capacity to migrate data between FC,SSD & SATA drives (Autonomic Tiered Storage)
  6. Multi-Mesh active-active controllers, which allows every LUN to be served by every controller
  7. Start small, grow in affordable increments
  8. Multi-Tenant system – run diverse workloads across the same platform
  9. High & Predictable Performance through 3par ASIC
  10. RAID5 & 6 without the usual performance impact, with the added bonus of Rapid RAID rebuild

A more than Enterprise level storage array that ticks all the boxes that many people need, especially in the cloud & utility market place.

Oh, and the ability to use words such as ‘chunklets’ & ‘raidlets’ in a sentence! 🙂