Jun 01

Exchange 2010 – DAG & HA/DRS

It used to be if you introduced DAG’s into a virtual Exchange 2010 environment then you’d have to disable HA/DRS as that could cause all sorts of issues, oh, and wasn’t supported by Microsoft, a big problem i’d say, but now DAG’s are supported in this scenario!

The following support scenarios are being updated, for Exchange 2010 SP1, and later:

  • The Unified Messaging server role is supported in a virtualized environment.
  • Combining Exchange 2010 high availability solutions (database availability groups (DAGs)) with hypervisor-based clustering, high availability, or migration solutions that will move or automatically failover mailbox servers that are members of a DAG between clustered root servers, is now supported.

If you are doing this, make sure the solutions are configured correctly and in a fully supportable environment, not only from VMware’s point of view, but also Microsofts.

But, think carefully about using HA/DRS in an Exchange 2010 DAG environment, do you really need it? Isn’t DAG enough? 

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