Sep 13

Site Recovery Manager 5

So, I wanted to talk a little about the new version of Site Recovery Manager that is coming soon.  I’ve got nothing against SRM, but prior versions were a little poor in the administration and no automated fail back, thankfully these have been addressed in the new version.

So, onto some highlights:

  • Integration with multiple vendors spread across 28 arrays
  • Failure detection, then manage the entire failover process
  • Proper Multi Site DR capabilities, not just the 1:1 relationship that is in place at the moment.  This will allow for migration of these Virtual Machines across multiple datacentres across Continents if needs be
  • Application mobility – Assign RPO and RTO service levels to applications to define DR Service levels
  • A new concept of utilizing SRM as a disaster avoidance tool, migrate those VM workloads from the data centre that is in harm’s way to one that can continue processing
  • SRM is not just to be used as a DR tool, but also a data centre migration tool
  • Automated Failback!!! Woot
  • Host based replication – no need to purchase those expensive SAN’s or iSCSI now, a bonus for the SMB’s
  • Scheduled migrations
  • A nice new designed GUI

For those familiar with SRM 4, SRM 5 is what it should have been in the first place, I think I can justify the price of this version now! 🙂