Jan 30


I’ve been looking into DR as a Service, and its a bloomin interesting proposition, so i’ve gathered a few links to some useful articles:

Disaster Recovery is your transitional Cloud step at ZDnet.com  The Cloud is a much feared entity but it shouldn’t be. Fear of the Cloud can cost you a lot of money and can cost you a lot of money in downtime.

No More Excuses for Not Having Disaster Recovery in the Cloud at itbusinessedge.com Disaster recovery in cloud environments is emerging as one of the must-have tools now that enterprises are looking for more than just massively scalable data repositories.

How To Improve Disaster Recovery Preparedness  CIO.com Most enterprises claim they fully exercise their disaster recovery plans at least once per year, however, evidence suggests that the majority of these exercises are not comprehensive and thorough; enterprises often just exercise a portion of the plan or a subset of applications. Here are10 best practices for updating and improving your current disaster recovery exercise program.

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