May 26

Veeam – the next generation

Veeam Backup & Replication will support image level backup of virtual machines running Microsoft Hyper-V, whereas is can only support VMware VM’s at the moment

Veeam will support all versions of Hyper-V, including the free version.

Why this sudden decision to support Hyper-V?  Easy – its the marketshare for Hyper-V.  VMware has a marketshare of 84% of the virtualization market whilst  Hyper-V only has 11%.  Gartner thinks that Hyper-V will grow by 27% by the end of 2012 while VMware will reduce by 65% (!).  It also expects Hyper-V and VMware to be running in the same datacenter, that is, companies will use both flavours of hypervisors.

Veeam will support the following major features for backing up Hyper-V virtual machines:

  • changed block tracking
  • image based backup and replication
  • compression and deduplication

So pretty much what is supports for VMware at the moment.

The new version is expected to be released in Q4 of 2011. It is also believed that VMware support will see additonal features implemented.

Host based replication will be made available to Hyper-V which is not available in other backup software, alongside Change Block Tracking, which means faster incremental backups of VM’s at the image level.  Basically Veeam will keep track of any change blocks in a VHD of that particular VHD (whereas CBT is completed by VMware when utilizing it, rather than Veeam itself)

Surebackup isnt implemented yet, but is sure (get it 🙂 ) to be implemented at some future point. 

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