Mar 23

Windows 8 TLG’s

With the release of the beta Windows Server 2008 Microsoft has also published a couple of Test Lab Guides (TLGs). The guides are there to help you implement the features they cover in a test lab environment so you can see what benefits that they bring to your organisation.


Remote Desktop Services Desktop Virtualization

Remote Desktop Services (RDS) in Windows Server “8” Beta provides the ideal platform for companies to implement a centralized desktop strategy, helping organizations improve flexibility and compliance while improving data security and IT’s ability to manage desktops and applications.

This paper contains instructions for setting up a test lab based on the Test Lab Guide Base Configuration and deploying Remote Desktop Services Desktop Virtualization using four server computers and one client computer. The resulting Remote Desktop Services Desktop Virtualization test lab demonstrates Desktop Virtualization functionality.


Windows Server “8” Beta Virtualized Domain Controller (VDC)

Windows Server “8” Beta introduces virtualized domain controller cloning capabilities without the issues that you currently experience when cloning a DC (I’ll talk more about VDC’s in a future posting)

This document contains instructions for setting up the Virtualized Domain Controller test lab through:
• Deploying a virtualized domain controller through cloning
• Safely restoring a domain controller snapshot


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