Mar 08

VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite – 5.0

VMware released VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite 5.0 back in January. This is only the second major release of the comprehensive virtual environment system’s management solution, which VMware first introduced back in March 2011, but with this release VMware jumped its versioning from 1.0 to 5.0 in order to bring the product’s numbering into line with the flagship product, vSphere 5.

The VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite is designed to help customers deliver IT as a service by simplifying and automating the operations of virtual and cloud environments. It release combines several systems management functions into one suite: capacity management, configuration management, and performance management.

VMware is well aware that a system’s management is a key element to effectively building and growing cloud-based services. “The highly dynamic nature of cloud infrastructure has outpaced traditional operations management disciplines, requiring customers to think differently about how to manage their virtual and cloud environments,” said Rob Smoot, director, product marketing for enterprise management at VMware.

But VMware doesn’t have a monopoly on that realization: Traditional management vendors are trying to come up with their own solutions for managing and deploying cloud technologies. VMware is also forced to go up against members of its own partner ecosystem. Companies like SolarWinds — who acquired Hyper9 for Virtualization Manager — and Quest Software — who acquired VKernel for vOperations Suite, or vOPS — have been providing similar solutions to VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite for quite some time.

Find the entire InfoWorld Virtualization Report article here.

You can also Download the Datasheet (pdf) of the suite. 

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